My role

UX-UI Design / Front End


Paul Edwardss




Paul Edwardss is Stockholm-based photographer
that has established himself as one of the most engaged in the fashion and the music industry.

Project Description

Designing and developing a responsive website that allows you to explore the photographer's work.

Maintaining a clean design and smooth navigation.

UI Design

Wireframes & Mockups

Responsive Design

I wanted to create a responsive website that would keep the same look no matter the device or resolution that it's being used on.

Using CSS, all the containers and components of the website are made to adapt themselves by using percentages % instead of pixels, it enables the containers to always use the same amount of width relative to the screen, but also set a limit by having a max-width when the screen is too wide and not have overly large images and texts, maintaining the same design concept.

Also to prevent an overload of elements on the contact page I decided to make the image take the full screen as a background image for mobile, keeping a clean composition and also emphasizing the contact information.


I wanted to achieve a smooth navigation throughout the website.
Using Jquery in combination with CSS I was able to, such as opening a project or changing to another page,

Also, by having a specific amount of seconds for certain types of transcisions was important to maintain consistency.

Optimizing the site

Making the load time of a page as short as possible is something I always keep in mind.
Compromising the quality of the author's work for the page efficiency is not a choice one should be taking lightly.